phase ii

The second construction phase of our downtown Durango condominium project is slated to begin soon, with a 14-month construction timeframe.

We’ve posted some of our frequently asked questions here, but feel free to contact us anytime you would like additional information!


Frequently Asked Questions

What features distinguish Crossroads Durango?

  • Our project utilizes environmentally friendly Green Building Practices, such as solar-glazed glass, motion-activated lighting in common areas, low-VOC paint, we proudly offer regular recycling pickup for everyone in within Crossroads, and we recycle our construction building materials with locally owned and operated Phoenix Recycling.
  • We allow our clients to customize their residential, commercial and retail spaces to meet their style, needs, and budget. Each client is offered a personal session with our in-house project director to select custom finishes, options, and upgrades. Commercial and retail clients are offered options to customize their interior demising walls.
  • We offer a shared rooftop garden and deck for all of those who are a part of Crossroads. Enjoy lunch outside, take in the birds eye view of Main Avenue, or mingle with your Crossroads neighbors at our monthly meet and greet social hour parties.
  • Crossroads Durango is a high-tech networked building. We have multiple T-1 internet lines to support high bandwidth applications, and each suite comes standard with Smart Home Technology and automated HVAC (heating and cooling) controls. We offer VoIP phone systems and have a backup generator for power supply.
  • Enjoy our front desk concierge, one of our numerous amenities for your added benefit. Our Crossroads Team has someone available during business hours Monday thru Friday in the front lobby of our building offering services such as Notary Public, package delivery acceptance, hold for pick-up/ drop-off, directory service, and general assistance.

Is parking available?

  • YES! Your purchase price includes one parking space per suite. Residential parking is on-site in our underground parking garage; office parking is outside, only a few paces from the building. Additional leased parking, metered parking and City parking permits are also available.

Is storage available?

  • YES! Residential suites include one garage storage unit, approximately 5′ x 7′. Offices have the option of designing storage closets within the space, or renting a storage closet within the adjacent Durango Office Suites building. We also offer a separate, secure bicycle storage facility within the parking garage.

Who is already in the Crossroads Building?

  • Phase one hosts 40 offices which now comprise The Crossroads Community, including Alpine Bank, and 12 residential suites.

How can I be a part of Phase Two?

  • Join our list of interested people! We are taking reservations NOW!